Ofsted Early Years March 2022 rated Good, Ofsted School June 2019 rated Good

'Children thrive in the early years'

'Strong, reflective teaching in a nurturing environment ensures that children achieve well'

'Pupils behave well, are polite and courteous'

Herts CC Early Years Effectiveness Inspection Feb 2020 - Children are well supervised and procedures for keeping them safe are effective

Limited baby spaces - book start date now for early 2023

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Past Events

July 2021

Sports Week
Sports week was a huge success. Everyone enjoyed lots of new experiences and had great fun in the process. On Monday, Lee from Skip-Hop taught us lots of skills with a skipping rope. As well as individual skipping, we learnt some old-fashioned ways to skip with a long rope and we even did some double Dutch skipping. On Monday afternoon, Mrs Bointon organised some target practice using Nerf guns. The children had to concentrate and try to beat their own records. It was interesting to see their skills develop in a very short amount of time. On Tuesday, the children had a session of Taekwondo, which is now an Olympic sport. Maybe your child will get a chance to watch the Taekwondo in Tokyo over the summer. They learnt some blocks, punches and kicks. On Wednesday, we had a second Olympic-themed day. UKS2 and LKS2 learnt some fencing skills, KS1 built on their archery skills from last Friday, whilst FS, FT and FW did a variety of throwing, running and jumping activities. Each school class also took part in an online mindfulness session, on the theme of Inspiring Success.

Sports Day
On Thursday, we held our hugely anticipated Sports Day. The whole event ran smoothly. We were incredibly lucky with the weather and it was a very happy day. The preschool children took part in a carousel of games and then some running races. Then the school children joined them for a picnic on the field. After lunch, the school children took part in their races. We got back to school and presented certificates just before the rain started. Well done to everyone who came first, second or third in one or more of their races

Gymnastics Display
The children in years 1-6 performed their gymnastics display which Mrs May recorded and uploaded to the website. It was great to see the children’s skills; not only their physical skills but also teamwork and discipline in action, so well done to everyone. Many of the children earned gymnastics awards this term. Congratulations to them all.

June 2021

Literature Festival
This week, the school children have been taking part in a live-streamed literature festival featuring some of the best writers and illustrators. On Monday, UKS2 tuned in to Jamila Gavin, award-winning author of Coram Boy, and Jacinta Read, a talented debut illustrator. They have collaborated to create In Her Element, a story is about a girl with cerebral palsy whose passion for water enables her to make a new friend by helping them come to terms with their disability. One of our pupils had her question chosen to be answered live! On Tuesday, UKS2 attended a workshop with Polly Ho-Yen, a writer and a qualified primary teacher. Her debut novel about the invasion of Earth by scary plant-like aliens and a boy protecting his vulnerable mother, Boy in the Tower, was shortlisted for various prestigious awards. This time, another Longwood pupil’s question was chosen from many others! UKS2 also did a workshop with Gareth P Jones. He was as entertaining as the time he did a workshop just for Longwood during World Book Day. All of these workshops inspired the children (and Mrs Bresler) to look at writing in different ways. On Wednesday, FS and KS1 were treated to a workshop with Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. They were already familiar with many of the books that they talked about, which made seeing them in reality all the more exciting. They were mesmerised by how talented they both are. Also on Wednesday, LKS2 tuned it to the longest-serving female Blue Peter presenter, Konnie Huq. She is an ambassador for the Prince’s Trust and the British Asian Trust. Cookie is inspired by Konnie’s own London Bangladeshi background, her love of science and her unashamed nerdiness! Her talk was packed and fast-paced and thoroughly entertaining.

LKS2 attended James Carter on Thursday. He is an award-winning children’s poet, non-fiction writer and musician – and the author of over 18 popular and best-selling poetry titles. This session was fun, entertaining and interactive with plenty of audience participation.

Music Assembly
In June, we held our annual Music Assembly. It was great to have so many parents Zoom in to watch. We hope you enjoyed the entertainment. It is always lovely to see the children’s progression from year to year. There has certainly been time to practise this year! It was very special for the school children to come together in the hall. We managed to observe social distancing rules and keep to our bubbles, whilst enjoying each other’s company.

Scooterbility Workshop
KS1 had a “Scootability” workshop, delivered by the Hertfordshire County Council Active and Safer Travel Team. The children learnt about how to use their brakes properly, how to cross a road safely and how to tell what manoeuvres cars are doing by looking at their lights

May 2021

Race for Life
In May, we held our very first Race for Life at Longwood. There are photos on the website, so please take a look to see how much fun it was. I was so impressed by the stamina of some of our pupils. The online donations totalled £1615 + £383. How incredible! Thank you to everyone who supported this event. The online comments have been lovely to read, such as “It’s good Longwood School is taking the initiative to teach our children charitable giving and valuing life! Thank you for letting us participate!!”

“Merci” to Madame for organising and hosting a fun Bingo evening last Friday. There was a really good turn out and every one enjoyed the entertainment. We raised £220 for FoL funds which is a great effort.

Pyjamarama today has been great fun. The children loved wearing their pj’s and onesies all day. We raised £197. Congratulations to all winners of the “Design a Onesie” competition. School council found it difficult to judge but eventually chose some worthy winners.

NSPCC Number Day
In assembly, the children learnt the message “Speak Out, Be Safe” and know about “Trusted Adults” and the Childline phone number. This helped reinforce their understanding of this important subject. We raised £105 for the NSPCC. Well done to every child who brought in a Tangram design for our competition.

April 2021

Watford Foodbank Collection
This morning, there was great excitement as we created a Domino Run out of the cereal boxes which the children brought in. The idea was to raise awareness about the Food Bank and we certainly achieved that aim. It was so much fun to stand all the boxes up and then see them fall. We managed to capture a video, which is now on the website. All cereal boxes were later donated to our local foodbank.

March 2021

Red Nose Day
On Monday in assembly, we talked about Red Nose Day, what the plans were for Longwood and why it’s important to raise money. Many of the children wore something red and donated £1. We also sold a number of “Longwood Laugh’s” joke books which added to our grand total of £233.17. We also added £167 raised from the recent clothes collection. What a fantastic effort. Well done and thank you to everyone who donated and especially to everyone who contributed jokes to the joke book. Caring about our local community, our country and the world is part of caring for the Environment, which is one of the Longwood E’s, so this effort has been beneficial on so many levels

World Book Day
All children were invited to take part in a World Book Day challenge. This involved several steps. Lots of children joined in with one or two and it was lovely to see photos of them reading and enjoying their books. Oliver (Little Willow) really stood out because he baked some cookies, enjoyed reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar and did some Commotion in the Ocean artwork. Fabulous! Harmony and Dillan (LKS2), Neel and Jaiden (KS1) and Brij (FT) also each did several elements of the competition. They built dens, read poetry books, magazines and train-themed books and baked some great smiley biscuits. Well done for really entering into the spirit of World Book Day! A huge thank you to the army of parents who volunteered to read to the children, as part of our World Book Day celebration. We had 37 readers across the school and nursery! Nobody let us down, everyone arrived at their allotted time, complete with a book to share. There were so many happy faces all day long. We had one daddy who donned school uniform for the occasion and even had one mummy and daddy duo complete with masks to read “The Tiger Who Came To Tea”. I know that some of you were a little nervous but I hope that you feel proud of yourselves now and will want to volunteer again next time!

Dec 2020

Christmas Jumper Day
Most of the children wore Christmas jumpers today and had great fun showing them off to each other. Thank you to everyone who also brought in a donation for Save the Children.

Video Advent Calendar
On 1st December, we uploaded the first video to our online video advent calendar and then added a video each day throughout December. It was just a bit of fun and a chance for us to share what we were doing at school/nursery with our parents and friends. There was a mix of singing, playing, arts and crafts and a few other surprises along the way. Some videos were just a minute or two; others were longer as we uploaded our Christmas performances from the older children.

Folly’s Donkey Sanctuary Fundraising
The result of recent fundraising is that we collected £618 for Folly’s Donkey Sanctuary. This is an incredible achievement, thanks to hard work from Alison and Lizi, and the support from everyone who donated, bought a raffle ticket, brought in clothes for recycling or guessed the donkey’s birthday. The charity reps were delighted to be presented with such a large cheque, which will go towards hay for the donkeys and repairs to the barns.

November 2020

Anti-Bullying Week
We all enjoyed looking at each other’s odd socks this morning. It was fun to see all the different combinations during assembly. We talked about bullying, what it is, different types and what to do if you experience it in any way. The odd socks helped to demonstrate that it’s ok to be different. In some ways, we are all the same and in other ways, we are all different. That’s worth celebrating!

Children In Need
The school was quacking mad with ducks all over the place. We raised £270.

Remembrance Day
On Wednesday at 11am, we gathered on the playground for a two-minute silence to remember the wars that have taken place in the past and to be grateful that we live in freedom today. We managed to come together whilst keeping to our class/group bubbles. All children sensed the seriousness of the occasion, but the nursery children stood out especially for their excellent behaviour.

October 2020

Break the Rules Day
Friends of Longwood provided us with so much fun as we all enjoyed “Break the Rules” day. School was very colourful with an array of wacky hairstyles, nail varnish and all sorts of clothing. What a great way to raise funds for upcoming Christmas treats, so thank you to everyone who took part.

September 2020

Macmillan Coffee Morning
We had masses of donations and the tables groaned with all kinds of goodies. The year 6 prefects served everyone beautifully and there was great excitement as each bubble visited the sale in turn. We raised £311.

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