Talent Show photos now on the gallery.

New outdoor area with soft surface and canopy outside Apple and Cherry completed Feb 18.

Soft surface garden roadway, tunnel, climbing areas and planters under construction.

Nursery places being allocated for September-December 2018. Currently 12 children on waiting list.

There are a few places available in School. Please contact us for details.

Future Events

We will try to put upcoming events onto this page regularly, but don't forget to check the weekly newsletter, as all dates for your diary will be listed every week. You have no excuse for not knowing what is going on at Longwood!


26th - 2nd March - Book Fair


1st - World Book Day
14th - Music For Youth performance
23rd - Sport Relief Day

Please check the school calendar (at the end of every newsletter) to check what's going on. There are class trips, assemblies, etc.

illustration on Future Events