Talent Show photos now on the gallery.

New outdoor area with soft surface and canopy outside Apple and Cherry completed Feb 18.

Soft surface garden roadway, tunnel, climbing areas and planters under construction.

Nursery places being allocated for September-December 2018. Currently 12 children on waiting list.

There are a few places available in School. Please contact us for details.


Communicating well to the whole school community is key to our success and we are committed to doing so to the best of our ability. A newsletter will be sent out to all parents every Friday. Please get in touch if you do not receive your newsletter. Do not presume that there has not been one. There will be one every Friday.

Please let the office know if your contact details have changed.

Newsletters from previous years are available on our Past Events pages here: http://www.longwoodschool.co.uk/Home_Page.php

The following PDFs are available:
newsletter 20180525
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newsletter 20180323
newsletter 20180316
newsletter 20180309
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