Ofsted Early Years inspection July 2018 - Rated Good

Ofsted School inspection June 2019 - Rated Good

'Children thrive in the early years'

'Strong, reflective teaching in a nurturing environment ensures that children achieve well'

'Pupils behave well, and are polite and courteous'

Ofsted Dec 2017 - 'The behaviour of pupils is outstanding'

'Pupils make good progress, and they attain highly in a wide range of subjects'

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Communicating well to the whole school community is key to our success and we are committed to doing so to the best of our ability. A newsletter will be sent out to all parents every Friday. Please get in touch if you do not receive your newsletter. Do not presume that there has not been one. There will be one every Friday.

Please let the office know if your contact details have changed.

Newsletters from previous years are available on our Past Events pages here: http://www.longwoodschool.co.uk/Home_Page.php

The following PDFs are available:
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