New outdoor area being constructed with soft surface and canopies outside Apple and Cherry

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Nursery places filling up for the end of 2018

One Reception and a few Year 3 & 4 places available in School


From our School report (November 2014)

This is a Good School

"... Pupils achieve well in the school's warm and welcoming atmosphere ... Pupils' attainment is higher than average ... Children in Early Years achieve well because they are well taught and the needs of each one is valued ... Pupils' behaviour is often exemplary ... The curriculum is wide and interesting ... Pupils enjoy school and feel safe ... Pupils have good reading, writing and mathematical skills and well developed personal and social skills ..."

From our Early Years report (March 2014)

This Provision is Good

"... Children are happy, supported and make good progress ... Staff motivate children to learn through exciting play activities indoors and outside ... Management and staff are committed to continually developing the provisions ... Partnerships with parents are strong ... Good access to the exciting and challenging outdoor areas ..."

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School report

Early Years report
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