Ofsted Early Years inspection July 2018, School inspection June 2019 - Rated Good

'Children thrive in the early years'

'Strong, reflective teaching in a nurturing environment ensures that children achieve well'

'Pupils behave well, are polite and courteous'

Herts CC visit Jan 2020 - Green - Setting is effectively supporting disadvantaged and vulnerable children

Herts CC Early Years Effectiveness Inspection Feb 2020 - Children are well supervised and procedures for keeping them safe are effective

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OFSTED and Hertfordshire County Council reports

Hertfordshire County Council - Early Years Advisors' Report - Evaluation of Effectiveness in Early Years Provision Report (visit Feb 2020)

Leadership & Management
- Arrangements for safeguarding children are effective
- The environment is safe and secure
- Children are well supervised and procedures for keeping them safe are effective
- The manager has developed a cohesive team of adults who work hard to address any identified areas for development
- Staff have access to professional development opportunities that builds on their current knowledge
- Effective systems are in place to supervise and manage the performance of practitioners so that the quality of education is improving steadily
- The manager is in tune with the main pressures on staff including their workload. They ensure that support is in place to manage staff wellbeing
- Arrangements for sharing information and working in partnership with parents helps to identify all children's needs
- Procedures have been developed and staff work together, to ensure children experience seamless transitions between rooms

Quality of education
- Staff are deployed well so that all children are supported in their learning
- Adults have high expectations of what children can achieve as a result, children are happy and engaged in their learning
- Adults competently model how to use the range of resources on offer, therefore children demonstrate appropriate skills
- Adults have an awareness of needs of children including those with additional needs or vulnerability and offer support accordingly
- Assessment information is used to plan learning opportunities for children to extend their skills
- Displays reflect current learning and children's individual work
- During some adult led activities, children engage positively because group size and content are appropriate to children's age.

Behaviour & Attitudes
- Adults are consistent with communicating age appropriate boundaries or rules
- Children's attitudes to learning are positive. They behave well and most listen carefully to adults and try to complete tasks successfully
- Adults give meaningful praise to children so that it builds on their self-esteem
- Children get along well with one another and sometimes are collaborative in their play
- Children's behaviour and attitudes to visitors shows that they feel safe
- Adults have forged respectful relationships with parents and children's attendance is monitored.

Personal Development
- Adults work well with parents to gather information about their children, including their interests, stage of development and family background
- Children are warmly welcomed into a safe and stimulating environment
- Children demonstrate positive relationships with adults by seeking them out for help when it is required
- Children are gaining an awareness of their own identity and demonstrate a sense of belonging in their rooms
- Children are prepared well for life in modern Britain as adults promote children's understanding of British Values
- Adults promote healthy choices. Children are provided with appropriate snacks and meals as well as experiencing daily fresh air and opportunities for them to be physically active.

- Transitions within the daily routines are mostly well organised
- Staff are well deployed and attentive to children's needs
- The staff/child interactions are good although this is not consistent
- The children have regular access to the outdoors and other areas beyond the classroom. This helps to alleviate the pressures of having many small children in one area at various times throughout the day
- Staff are aware of children who need more support to be involved in activities
- Practitioners work well to engage parents in their child's learning and development
- Children's emotional wellbeing is supported by staff. This results in children being happy and confident in the setting
- Children's behaviour is good and shows that they feel safe
- Safeguarding and Welfare requirements are met
- Leaders understand the importance of regular supervision meetings in supporting staff CPD and well-being
- Adults have effective systems in place to gather background information of children's early experiences before they begin at the setting
- Room leaders play an active role in the running of their rooms and staff work well as a team

Hertfordshire County Council - Early Years Advisors' Report - Closing the Gap Report (visit Jan 2020)

Green - The setting is effectively supporting disadvantaged and vulnerable children

- Leaders and managers are relentless in employing strategies for improving outcomes for all children, especially those that are disadvantaged and/or vulnerable
- Provision for disadvantaged and vulnerable children meets the needs of the range of children in the setting, including those in receipt of additional funding or with SEND
- Disadvantaged and vulnerable children make strong progress from their starting points so that they catch up with their peers.
- Disadvantaged and vulnerable children with starting points below those of children of the same age are being supported to close the attainment gaps

From our school Ofsted report (June 2019)

The headteacher provides calm, stable leadership.
The school offers a good standard of education.
Effective safeguarding arrangements are in place...Pupils are kept safe and well cared for.
Pupils enjoy the broad curriculum.
Leaders ensure that pupils are taught well in a range of subjects.
...Pupils' positive attitudes to learning and to their achievements.
Children thrive in the early years. Strong, reflective teaching in a nurturing environment ensures that children achieve well.
Parents and carers are very positive about the school.

From our nursery Ofsted report (July 2018)

Children and their families are warmly welcomed into this friendly nursery.
Staff are effective in their teaching.
Children demonstrate that they are settled and happy.
Partnerships with parents are strong.
Arrangements for safeguarding are effective. Staff have a secure understanding of how to keep children safe and promote their welfare.
Children make good progress from their starting points. Staff prepare children with the skills they need to move through the nursery and, eventually onto school.

From our School Ofsted report (June 2018) - all independent school standards are met

Pupils rightly feel safe at school. The school has a welcoming and caring ethos that
promotes a safe culture in the school. The good relationships between pupils and staff
are clearly evident. This helps to keep pupils safe. Pupils are confident that they can
speak with their teachers about any worries that they might have. One pupil summed
this up well by saying that the teachers are "like your school mum".

From our School Ofsted report (December 2017)

"The behaviour of pupils is outstanding... Pupils make good progress, and they attain highly in a wide range of subjects......They are well prepared for the next stage of their education... Pupils' work is of good quality......Pupils progress to reading difficult books both regularly and fluently.....Pupils have an excellent understanding of fundamental British values... The curriculum is well considered and enriched through a wide variety of clubs and activities... Parents are complimentary about the school."

Hertfordshire County Council - Early Years Safeguarding Advisors' Report (1st May 2018)

"We can see that the children enjoy their time at your setting as they were fully engaged in their play and making good use of the activities the staff provided.
Thank you for sharing examples of your good practice with us, including your AOL (Accident Out of Longwood) form and the format you use for references. We particularly liked the wording of the questions on the reference form and it appears that this format works well for you in gaining informative references.
The report records the processes and procedures which are in place to ensure you meet the
statutory EYFS requirements for safeguarding and welfare."

Hertfordshire County Council - Early Years Advisors' Report - Evaluation of Effectiveness (14th May 2018)


- Leaders are committed to raising the quality of the provision
- Team work across all rooms is extremely effective, with good communication between staff
- All staff act professionally and confidently within their roles
- Robust systems support the daily running of the nursery
- Staff have developed close and caring relationships with all children
- Partnerships with external agencies are effective
- Practitioners work well to engage parents in their child's learning and development
- Children's care needs are met by attentive staff who are well deployed and have good awareness of what is going on
- Children's behaviour is good and shows that they feel safe
- Children learn to respect and celebrate each other's differences

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The following PDFs are available:
Longwood School Ofsted Report June 2019
illustration on OFSTED and Hertfordshire County Council reports