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Nursery places filling up for the end of 2018

One Reception and a few Year 3 & 4 places available in School


If you would like a copy of a policy, or if you have any questions or comments about a policy, please ask at Reception and staff will be pleased to help.

The following link to the Hertfordshire Safeguarding Children's Board Help and Advice for Children and Young People might be interesting to you. Click here

The following link is to the child accident prevention trust for help and advice in reducing childhood injury. Click here

The following link is to the Education Against Hate website for practical advice on protecting children from extremism and radicalisaton. Click here

Below is a list of policies. Please click on whichever one you are interested in. If you have any problems, please let us know.
The following PDFs are available:
Admissions Policy and Procedure
Behaviour Management and Child Handling Policy
Complaints Procedure
Curriculum Policy
Disability Policy
E-Safety Advice For Parents
Early Years Offer
Early Years SEND Policy
Equal Opportunities Policy
Facing up to Facebook-the magic 13
Fire Procedure and Precautions Dec 17
Health and Safety Policy
Manual Handling (Lifting & Carrying) Policy
Prevent Duty - DfE advice for all staff
Prevent Duty - Young in Herts Guidance for Early Years Practitioners
Prevent Duty
Privacy Policy
Pupil Acceptable ICT Use Agreement
Rubella Fact Sheet EoE
Safeguarding Children - Recognise, Respond, Refer Poster
Safeguarding Children Policy
Safer Recruitment Policy
School SEND Policy
Sickness and Medications
Snow and Bad Weather
Staff Code of Conduct
Staff Professional Responsibilities when using any form of ICT
Uniform Policy
illustration on Policies