New outdoor area being constructed with soft surface and canopies outside Apple and Cherry

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Nursery places filling up for the end of 2018

One Reception and a few Year 3 & 4 places available in School

Staff List

Staff may be contacted by email where an address is shown below. Otherwise, please contact staff via the school office using the contact details under "Contact Us" above.

Malcolm LiveseyProprietorpayroll@longwoodschool.co.uk
Claire MayHead Teacherclaire.may@longwoodschool.co.uk
Beverley AkpanNursery Manager
Lindsay GroomSecretaryinfo@longwoodschool.co.uk
Anita RodzikSecretaryinfo@longwoodschool.co.uk
Karin HaylockBursaraccounts@longwoodschool.co.uk
Linda BreslerUKS2 Teacher
Maria CowanLKS2 Teacher
Zak NooraliKS2 Teaching Assistant
Donna BointonKS1 Teacher
Jadene PoulterKS1 Teaching Assistant
Marsha StentifordFS Teacher
Rosie Jaffer FS Teaching Assistant
Eulani Tomazini FT Teacher
Mahnez Sabetian FW Teaching Assistant
Manjula Madawela FW Teaching Assistant
Denise Absolam FT Teaching Assistant
Cathy Wallis FW Teacher
Shamim Rai FT Teaching Assistant
Anne Boyle FT Teaching Assistant
Sophie Lambertucci French Teacher and SENCo
Myfanwy Sangster Music Teacher
Ruth Taylor Games Teacher
Jo West Wrap Around Care Leader
Kirsty Nursery Deputy Manager (Little Willow) (Maternity leave)
Sharon Little Willow Group Leader
Dawn Little Willow Group Leader
Laura Little Willow Group Leader
Margaret Little Willow Practitioner
Bina Little Willow Practitioner
Heather Little Willow Practitioner
Bettina Little Willow Practitioner
Eden Little Willow Practitioner
Jjenel Little Willow Practitioner
Modupe Little Willow Practitioner
Isabelle Little Willow Practitioner
Sylwia Apple Group Leader
Lizi Apple Group Leader
Cheryl Apple Practitioner
Christina Apple Practitioner
Rosa Apple Practitioner
Tania Apple Practitioner
Keeley Apple Practitioner
Novlet Apple Practitioner
Leela Apple Practitioner
Bryony Apple Practitioner
Alison Lapihuska Nursery Deputy Manager (Cherry) and Early Years SENCo alisonlapihuska@longwoodschool.co.uk
Ermelinda Cherry Group Leader
Yosra Cherry Practitioner
Anna Cherry Practitioner
Millicent Cherry Practitioner
Shannon Cherry Practitioner
Olivia Cherry Practitioner
Marietta Nursery Deputy Manager (Oak)
Sarah Oak Group Leader
Karen Oak Group Leader (training)
Natasha Oak Practitioner
Gabriella Oak Practitioner
Rebecca Oak Practitioner
Carrie Oak Practitioner
Shona Oak Practitioner
Adelaide Cook
Lyn Kitchen Assistant
Rishma Kitchen Assistant
Angela C Kitchen Assistant
Salome Lunchtime and Wrap Around Care Assistant
Julia Wright Lunchtime Assistant
Laura Miller Lunchtime Assistant
Marilyn Milne Lunchtime Assistant
Anika Lunchtime Assistant
Keith Caretaker
Richard Caretaker
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