Ofsted Early Years March 2022 rated Good, Ofsted School June 2019 rated Good

'Children thrive in the early years'

'Strong, reflective teaching in a nurturing environment ensures that children achieve well'

'Pupils behave well, are polite and courteous'

Herts CC Early Years Effectiveness Inspection Feb 2020 - Children are well supervised and procedures for keeping them safe are effective

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Just wanted to say it was lovely to have you visit and take part in my session this week.
I wanted to say that the children and adults were great and it was a great pleasure working with them. I hope to work with Longwood again in the future. (School trip venue, July 2022)

Thank you for looking after, teaching and helping my darling XXX in Sarratt. She has loved pre school and its been a joy to see. Thank you for her lovely school report also, it shall be saved forever! XXX has been at Longwood since she was 7 months and it has been so lovely as a parent to watch her love going in every single day so thank you for that. I am planning for her to return for camps in half terms and Summer camps so hopefully will be seeing everyone for a bit longer! All the best to all the staff from baby room to Sarratt. (Preschool parent, July 2022)

Longwood has given xxx the best foundation to her little life. She's learned so much, not only academically but socially - I know the school's bar is high and you set high standards - and this shows in all that she does and the other children! We will come and visit from time to time and of course will take our friendships with us which is the special part. (Parent, July 2022)

We could not ask for more from Longwood School with every aspect from education, organisation, communication and dedication from all staff. We have been and continue to be extremely grateful that our children have the opportunity to attend this school. (March 2022)

We have been part of the Longwood family since 2017 (2017-2020 for my daughter and 2019-present with my son). Both of my children have thrived at Longwood. All the different rooms have offered something different in line with their development and all the staff have been friendly, approachable and nurturing and have been great at establishing a rapport with both children. We have particularly enjoyed receiving the weekly observations from the keyworkers and seeing the photos which demonstrate a wide range of activities which the children engage in. My 3 year old son (currently in Fisher) regularly comes home telling us about the focus story / the focus rhyme and sometimes even telling me to buy the book for him so that we can read it at home, as he not only has enjoyed the story but also the activities linked to the story. I believe that Longwood is an excellent nursery, which provides children with a great foundation to continue their education journey to become confident and resilient learners. (March 2022)

I can't quite believe that today is xxx's last day at Longwood. It's filled with emotion! I know that xxx will keep her Longwood memories with her forever. She has been so happy with you and I can't thank you enough for your part in moulding her into the wonderful young lady she is becoming. You are all dear to her heart and she tells me daily how much she loves you all. Thank you to EVERYONE for being part of her journey and making it so special! (Aug 2021)

I just wanted to send a note to say thank you for all that you and your nursery/pre-school teams are doing for us to keep Longwood open and safe for our children. Our girls have been comfortable and confident attending Longwood since you reopened which feeds confidence in us as parents too. It cannot be easy managing the additional measures with such young kids as well as having to wear PPE throughout the day. Childcare allows us as parents to continue to work from home and the positive impact of this on our family life is huge. The happiness and contentment of our girls at Longwood only adds to this. (January 2021)

Since joining Longwood, XXX's confidence has reached another level as we have witnessed the twinkle in her eyes every time she talks about her school. She keeps mentioning her teachers at home & how helpful & loving you all are. We can't express how excited we are to be able to continue her academic journey with Longwood as she starts Reception in September. (Preschool Parent, July 2020)

Just wanted to pass our heartfelt gratitude to you and all the Longwood staff who have managed to keep the learning and enthusiasm going over these strange months. In all honestly, my appreciation and respect for the school and all your team has sky rocketed in the past few months. You have all done amazingly to maintain the loving atmosphere online and in school both, despite all the changes. Please convey our thanks and appreciation to all the staff too. We are ever so grateful that XXX is continuing her education with this school which is more like a large, yet a very close knit family! (Preschool Parent, July 2020)

We were so worried about the choice of school, but with the way XXX has developed, we know we made the right choice with Longwood! (Preschool Parent, July 2020)

It's hard to believe that her time at Longwood is coming to an end. She has had a wonderful 3 1/2 years with you all. (Preschool Parent, July 2020)

This is our last week - I can't believe it, after 16 years it feels like I am walking away from my family. (Year 6 Parent, July 2020)

I really have loved our time at Longwood and I don't think we would have coped without the excellent Longwood staff. During the early months we had no idea what we were doing so the advice we received from the team was priceless, from potty training, nap drops, to the dizzy heights of French and phonics!! You have all supported us from the first months we joined when we needed to juggle attendance dates, right up to XXX's last summer term. He's had a great start and his new school have large boots to fill. (Preschool parent, July 2020)

I just wanted to let you know about how amazing your team have been with sorting out some issues that xxx has been having with a few boys in his class. Just before Christmas there was an incident that I asked to be looked into and by the end of the day, I had a phone call to say that all parties involved had been spoken to. Then again on Tuesday one of the boys did something again and Mrs Rastrick and Madame were straight on it and the boy warned about the zero tolerance approach that Longwood have about the pupils being unkind.
I have heard from some of my friends about schools not taking things like this seriously and I can only say that I have felt fully supported in this matter and listened to at all times.
Xxx went to school this morning full of joy and this had been missing at the end of last term which was unlike him as he loves school so much. So I just wanted to say thank you! (KS2, Jan 2020)

We just wanted to say a huge thank you for the wonderful care and support you've given to ... during his time in Apple. He had an absolute blast and is going to miss you all!! Thank you (Apple August 2019)

A huge thank you for everything that you have done for .. over the year. Your patience and kindness has been greatly appreciated. She will miss you dearly and has taken some fantastic memories during her time in Apple and Cherry Room. My husband and I could go to work and relax knowing she was under your care, supervision and guidance and for that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. (Apple and Cherry August 2019)

A massive thank you for all your hard work,... has loved it (Cherry August 2019)

We are really pleased how well and quickly our daughter has settled in Little Willow. All the staff are fab, going out of their way to help our daughter feel secure and happy. She has done so much and is clearly having a great time! (Little Willow March 2019)

I love to see how happy our daughter is at nursery and she is well looked after. (Little Willow March 2019)

Our son joined Longwood later than most, having moved from a state school system which was not set up to deal with a pupil who was deemed difficult to suppress. Immediately upon arrival at Longwood he was made to feel very welcome and thrived in an environment which allows pupils to move at a pace educationally speaking, in line with their ability and thirst for knowledge at any given point. The feel of the school harnessed together with the smaller size means that most of the kids not only know one another but are closer as a result. Our experience at the end of the last academic year was so positive when viewing the then year 6 leavers in their final days, made up our minds for certain. What we saw were such heartfelt emotions of what they were leaving behind that anyone viewing this would have known that they had made exactly the right choice of school. What you wish for as a parent is for your child to look back and say my school days were the best experience I could have asked for, and they did help shape me into a kind, thoughtful and hard working person. My belief is that Longwood does exactly that and my son is a much much happier boy for the opportunities and teaching that has been on offer. (Year 6 October 2018)

My granddaughter left Longwood School this year, passing the entrance tests and moving to a Grammar school of her choice. Longwood is a friendly family school with small class sizes; this helped give her confidence and enthusiasm, and a good measure of self-independence. Longwood provided a strong academic base to work from and generated a genuine interest in language, music, art, netball and swimming. (Year 6 July 2018)

Have had my 2 children at the nursery and school from the age of 1 and always feel so lucky to have found this school. With a firm focus on education Longwood school also provides a safe, nurturing happy environment which allows children to be themselves and thrive. The friendly and approachable manner of the school has always assured me that should there be an issue as well, there would be no hesitation in finding the solution immediately - luckily for me such a scenario has never occurred. Thank you Longwood!! (Year 4 and Year 6 June 2018)

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